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Did Johnny lose his key again even after tying it around his neck?? Buy Key Lockbox Key Storage!

After School Key Lock Box Access for Children-

You can now be assured that your child will be able to get inside the house after school when no one else is at home.  The KeyGuard Pro is a key lock box with no batteries to wear out.  With letters and numbers, you can now assign an easy to remember word combination for your child to get into the house. 

 KeyGuard Pro offers space to leave your children notes, instructions or money to be there when you aren’t.  Everything will be left in one secure key lockbox to ensure that your child gets all the information and keys needed when home alone.  No longer worry about whether or not your child will get the note that you left on the desk.  Everything is secure in the lock box, that they must open to get into the house.

Now days, most households have two parents at work.  The KeyGuard Pro offers peace of mind that there is always a spare key to get inside when it is needed the most.  No longer worry about your child losing the key or forgetting it on the counter before school.

The KeyGuard Pro Keys Lock box can either be hung from a gate, water faucet, door, etc. or with an optional bracket, it can be permanently mounted in virtually any location/surface.  Keyguard Pro also has a lever grip accessory that would allow for the lock box to be installed on a lever grip handle.

Where can I Buy KeyGuard Keys Lock Box?


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