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Wall Mount LockBox
Wall Mount Lock Box for Easy Access

Wall Mount Lock Box

The Wall Mount KeyGuard Pro will allow for letter and number combinations. The same familiar phone style keypad entry is incorporated with the Wall Mount KeyGuard using words instead of numbers! This feature can be used to personalize your combination.

The Wall Mount KeyGuard offers larger storage capacity and easily mounts to any surface with included hardware.

The Wall Mount KeyGuard offers peace of mind with permanent secure key storage. Install the Wall Mount KeyGuard at the desired location to allow secure key storage for children, family, contractors, medical providers and more!

The combination is easy to change at anytime and there is no limit to the words or numbers used for the combination. The Wall Mount KeyGuard has a large storage area, securing keys and cards.

The Wall Mount KeyGuard is a great permanent key storage solution for: cleaning personnel, household service repairs, maintenance, deliveries, children, family and emergency access to elderly households.


-  4.75" High
-  2.5" Depth
-  3.25" Width

-  3.75" High
-  1.15" Depth
( at the shallowest after
    door and punch buttons subtracted)
-   3.5" Width

wall mount lock box

\wall mount lock box
SL-590                                                                    SL-590-CVR

Now Available- Optional Rubber Cover Model SL-590-CVR

   Secure- Thousands possible combinations
  The KeyGuard Pro lockbox offers a familiar phone keypad entry offering a wide variety of word and number combinations.
   Use Easy to Remember Words
  Using the familiar phone keypad you can "text" easy to remember words and/or clever words related to your company or business.
   Large Storage Area
The KeyGuard Pro lockbox offers a large storage area that can hold up to 8 keys. Along with keys, the lockbox holds business and access cards. The large area allows for notes to be kept as well.
   Large, Durable Punch Buttons
 On the KeyGuard lockbox, the large punch buttons are far better quality and durability than the peg style and will ensure that you hit the correct combination each time. This mean quick access when you are using a KeyGuard Lockbox. The lockbox is easy to use and easy to see.
   Protective Cover
 The lockbox cover will protect from the elements. It is also removable and can be imprinted.
  Never Get Locked Out Again!
The KeyGuard Pro lockbox will provide you peace of mind that you or a loved one will never be locked out again! No longer worry about where to hide a key or which rock to store it under, everyone knows to look there.
   One Year Warranty on Real Estate Lock Box
  The KeyGuard has a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. This does not cover forgotten combinations. 

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