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Lockbox Instructions, Lock Box Instructions


The SL501 with Extra Capacity


LockBox Instructions


1.    On front of KeyGuard Pro between  0 and * key there is a clear button.  KeyGuard Pro does not come preset to any combination.  For best security choose a combination between 4 and 7 numbers and/or letters.

2.    The first time you set combination, press clear button down and release to clear   combination and then push down on open tab.  The KeyGuard will open, exposing back of faceplate. There are 11 yellow buttons with arrows pointing up towards top of  KeyGuard Pro.  Below arrows there are corresponding numbers to front of door.  If using a lettered combination,  now find corresponding numbers.

3.    At the bottom of the faceplate back (see image on reverse side) there is a white plastic  “key” to change combination on the KeyGuard Pro.  A small screwdriver can be used as well.  With this key, push in the desired button and turn 180 degrees.  The arrow on the button should now be pointing down towards base of KeyGuard Pro. This will be done for each letter and/or number in desired combination.

4.    Double check combination to make sure it is set properly.  Remember each button that is activated with the arrow pointing downwards represents part of combination.

5.    Test combination before closing face of KeyGuard Pro.  Press clear key, select the combination and pull down open tab to open.  If tab pulls down combination is set correctly.  If it does not pull down, DO NOT CLOSE THE COVER.   Check arrows again to make sure the correct ones are activated

6.    To use your key box, press clear each time it is used.  Then enter in the combination and  pull down on the open tab.

7.    To close KeyGuard Pro, put in combination and pull down open tab.  Close front face and  release open tab.  KeyGuard should now be secured in the locked position.

8.    The shackle can only be released when lockbox is open.  To release shackle push shackle  release tab (see image) to right.  Shackle is secured automatically when closing shackle.

9.    The KeyGuard Pro offers ability to use an optional, small ” wide padlock that can be placed through the loop on release tab.  This option, if desired, prevents others from removing lock box once key door is open.

punchbutton lockbox instructions

LockBox Instructions

Lock Box Instructions


Click HERE for key vault instructions to print out

Lock Box Instructions





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