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Lock Box

The KeyGuard LeverGrip allows the KeyGuard or any other lockbox to be secured to lever style doors (whereby without the LeverGrip the lockboxes slip right off. RECOMMENDATION: Always have one LeverGrip handy for flexibility in applications.

   Works on all most other competing Lock boxes as well

Of course we want you to buy the KeyGuard, but if you insist on using the competition, we wont hold it against you. The KeyGuard LeverGrip works on all lock box models like Lock Box.

Place LeverGrip at base of door lever with the logo in front
Open Shackle 180 degrees and slide over LeverGrip. Best to come from right side.
Lock shackle

Lock Boxes

   Fits on most door levers


KeyGuard Cable

The KeyGuard cable is intended for scenarios where the shackle or brackets do not work. Examples would be gates, water meters, etc.

   Secure anywhere

   Works on all other Lock boxes

The KeyGuard cable works on all competing mechanical lock boxes... but why use the competition?


To see step by step instructions, go here

KeyGuard Key Reel


   Keep keys from walking off
The Key Reel can be secured via strong double sided adhesive pad (included) at the bottom inside wall of the KeyGuard or most competing lock boxes so that the keys stay within 36 inches of the lockbox.  Keys automatically retract inside lockbox after use.


The Combi-Cam: keyless cam lock, cabinet lock

The HitchSafe: Converts vehicle receiver into a vault!

SOBO Locks: European style High Security Padlocks

Combi-Bolt: Barrel bolt with 10,000 combinations

KeyGuard Combination Key Cabinet: Why Use Keys to Mana s?

Combi-Ratchet: World's only combination sliding glass door lock!

Padlockable Cam: Great for lockers, allows padlocks to secure cam

ShurLok Lock Box 10,000 combination lockbox with patented one combination for shackle and second combination for key compartment


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