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Your Solution to Secure Key Storage

Key Storage

KeyGuard  is the best lockbox solution for your key storage and security needs. The KeyGuard key lock box is so versatile that it covers a broad spectrum of applications:
After School Access for Children
Easy Access for Friends and Family Key Lock Box
Maintenance People & Cleaning Personnel Key Lockbox
Emergency Access for the Elderly
Construction Sites & Vehicles
Contractors & Subcontractors
Recreational Vehicles
Boats & Boat Lockers
Bicycles and Motor Bikes
Vacation Properties & Rentals Key Lockboxes
Great for Joggers & Outdoor Sports!
Real Estate Key LockBox & Property Management Key
Vehicle Window Mount Lock Box
And anywhere having access to keys unattended is a priority 

key storage
Wall Mount Version SL-590

Window Mount Version SL-591

key storage
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key storage
SL-501- Large capacity, all metal key storage


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KeyGuard Key Storage is a Division of FJM Security Products