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No Need to Hide the Key Under Your Mat, Rock, Flower Pot, Mailbox.... or other known places


Key Lock Boxes

Secure Your Home!

Nowadays, there are a large number of households where both people are working and the house is empty.  With the KeyGuard Pro, you can now be at ease.  The Key Lock Box can provide secure key storage for a spare key that could be needed at any time.  

KeyGuard Pro Key Lock Boxes provide secure key storage and controlled access to your home to only those to whom you give the combination.  This could include maintenance, emergency access to your home, cleaning personnel, friends and family that have arrived while you are stuck in traffic.  There are many more possibilities as well.  How many times have you wished you left a spare key?

The KeyGuard Pro Key Lock Boxes can be changed in seconds. If you wish, you can set your KeyGuard Pro  Key Lock Boxes to another combination after serviced by maintenance or cleaning personnel.

Leaving for the weekend?  Taking a vacation?  The KeyGuard Pro secure key storage can give access to a house sitter, pet sitter or anyone else you give access to while you are enjoying yourself.

Never Be Locked Out Again !

Peace of Mind, Convenience and Security.
KeyGuard Key Lock Boxes

Cleaning Personnel

Friends & Family

Feeding pets, watering plants
while you are out of town

Locked out again??

Key Lock Boxes



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