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Emergency Access for Your Loved Ones with Medical Alert LockBoxes

Medical Alarm Lock Box

Medical Alarm Lockboxes

Medical Alert LockBoxes

Elderly Medical Alert Lockboxes

KeyGuard Pro is perfect for your elderly loved ones.  The KeyGuard Pro can offer secure access to the home in case of an emergency or just to check up on a loved one that is not as mobile as they used to be.

The KeyGuard Pro lockboxes is great when utilizing a medical alert system as well.  Help is dispatched and the door does not need to be compromised to gain access.  The lockbox is there to offer quick entry during critical moments and every second counts.

Disabled Emergency Lockboxes

The KeyGuard Pro lockboxes provide access for those who have special needs or conditions and cannot make it to the door on their own. The KeyGuard Pro lockboxes allow easy access by Family, Friends, Caretakers, etc.

The Familiar Key Pad of the KeyGuard Pro Key Boxes allow vision-impaired individuals to open the KeyGuard Pro Key Box. The familiarity of the phone key pad makes this lock box simple to operate under any conditions.


Where can I buy the Medical Alert Lockboxes?




Our ShurLok and KeyGuard Medical Alert Lock Boxes are widely used by Medical Alarm Companies for Emergency Access.  We offer imprinting with the Medical Alarm Company's logo on the front for a nominal fee with either imprinted or full color dome labels.

See This Link for placing your logo on your Medical Alarm Lock Box

The Wall Mounted Medical Alarm Lock Box version is the most popular with Medical Alarm Companies.




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